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ARK: Survival Evolved is probably one of the best mobile survival games. Download ARK: Survival Evolved and set off to explore an exotic island with lifeforms you hardly expect to see!

Alone in the Wild like Adam, in the ARK like Noah

So, you appear on a strange island that seems to be frozen for ages. Yes, it’s the dinosaur you see, and there’s another one, and there are some more; how many of them are here? Oh, don’t let them eat me! Or maybe I can hunt them? I’m a human, after all, don’t put your teeth on me!

That’s how it feels in ARK game. It’s a survival game with a large island to explore. You start rebuilding your personal civilization from scratch: you literally have nothing but your hands in the beginning. Then, after collecting some stone, wood and fibre, you can craft your first tool, a stone pickaxe, and then your first weapon, a torch.

To provide complete immersion, the game utilizes a first-person view. It also alternates night and day, so you need to find shelter, for the night is dark and full of predators.

ARK Survival Evolved free download offers you the basic plan, but there is a paid Primal Pass that doubles your boost and grants better connection and performance in multiplayer mode. ARK for free for iOS is identical to ARK Survival Evolved for Android.

The Island of Wonders

Despite the island being an example of unusual evolution in ark survival evolved download, it also has other miracles. Say, a fallen tree can fall through a stone and get lost under it. That’s a visual glitch you won’t expect from these rich, detailed textures.

Most objects on the island are interactive. That means you can destroy them and get some materials out of them. In the beginning your bare hands will do; isn’t that a miracle!

But the greatest wonder is finding other humans in this wildness. And yes, it happens in multiplayer mode ARK download game when you start off as a party. Cooperation can work wonders, and multiplayer is here to show how a tribe creates civilization.


  •         Great graphics;
  •         Open world and inexhaustible richness of nature;
  •         Multiplayer mode;
  •         It’s a crafting survival that doesn’t look like Minecraft!


  •         Visual glitches reported;
  •         High performance required to show its splendor.

Out of Paradise like Adam, in the ARK like Noah

If you like wild adventures, but have somehow missed this, download ARK: Survival Evolved PC immediately! Free some 2GB for that, because it’s worth this.